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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Throwback Video of the Week

"Tell Me" by Groove Theory. I don't know about ya'll, but I LOVED me some Bryce Wilson! Truth be told, he's still just as fine now as he was back then!

People We Need to Pray For - Seriously

1. Lindsay Lohan - this girl is out of control! First a few stints in rehab, then the pics of her and Vanessa Minnillo with knives, and now last weekend's arrest, where she was caught driving under the influence and with a suspended license, and cocaine was found in the car as well. She's come a long way from the cute little girl in "The Parent Trap."

2. Bobby Brown - there are just too many reasons to list!

3. Diddy - once Kim Porter gets done collecting her child support for the 3 youngest Diddies, and once Misa gets done collecting hers for Diddy Jr., what's his bank statement gonna look like?

4. Ray-J - he just needs to get a clue! He's a cute guy, but his thug-persona is not. I mean come on, HE'S BRANDY'S LITTLE BROTHER!! That is SO not gangsta!

Please bow your heads...

Friday, July 20, 2007

My First Rants and Raves (July 2007)

- Is he serious? Also, why do people INSIST on letting Mario Winans sing? Don't let the famous last name fool you - his singing sounds like that of a wounded animal.

- I am so sick and tired of Star Jones! I wish she and her hubby would just fade into the background. She's supposed to finally reveal how she lost her weight *cough cough gastric bypass cough cough** in the September issue of Glamour. I'll be reading to see what she says.

- This one is for all of the ladies who read this - PLEASE, I repeat, PLEASE refrain from getting "toe tips" this summer. Why anyone would want to put glue and acrylic on their big toe just to make the nail look longer is beyond me! You can't wear regular shoes with that mess, plus remember how badly it used to hurt when you would hit your finger and it had a tip or acrylic on it? Who wants their feet to hurt like that? Just wear closed toe shoes until your nails grow out!

- BET is a hot mess! They've created a few new shows and they are all (with the exception of one) not worth the time it takes to change the channel. Having said that, "Hell Date" is actually quite amusing. The show is like "Blind Date" meets MTV's "Boiling Points." Check it out. You'll shake your head the entire time, but you'll get some good laughs.

- I know I'm not the only one who's sad about this. R.I.P. Miss Jessie's They're still selling the products though, just closing the salon.

- And to wrap it up, I just want to leave a little eye candy for the ladies.

Thanks to MSNBC for the pic!