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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

People We Need to Pray For - Seriously

1. Lindsay Lohan - this girl is out of control! First a few stints in rehab, then the pics of her and Vanessa Minnillo with knives, and now last weekend's arrest, where she was caught driving under the influence and with a suspended license, and cocaine was found in the car as well. She's come a long way from the cute little girl in "The Parent Trap."

2. Bobby Brown - there are just too many reasons to list!

3. Diddy - once Kim Porter gets done collecting her child support for the 3 youngest Diddies, and once Misa gets done collecting hers for Diddy Jr., what's his bank statement gonna look like?

4. Ray-J - he just needs to get a clue! He's a cute guy, but his thug-persona is not. I mean come on, HE'S BRANDY'S LITTLE BROTHER!! That is SO not gangsta!

Please bow your heads...


Omar said...

Diddy doesn't need your prayers. He's got the dough to handle them kids and all of ours. You need to pray for his Moms. Have you seen her lately? She looks like a retired porn star.

Angel said...

LiLo is a MESS!! She needs more than just prayer....she needs Jesus!!

Bobby....no comment on that one. He needs to go to ESA meetings.....Ex-Singers Anonymous!

Diddy will still be throwing white parties on yachts and in the Hamptons and whatnot even if he does end up broke.

Ray J is not even that cute. He needs to find his place in this world. He's just trying to fit in somewhere.

Sage said...

LiLo had so much going for herself...poor thing.

Bobby - no words!

Diddy...he is loaded and he just signed a new band from MTV's Making the Band 4 (those brothas can sang).

Ray J...I was digging him when he did that song with Lil Kim, "Wait a Minute."