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Thursday, December 27, 2007

The Simmons Family Welcomes Baby Miley

Photo used courtesy of Celebrity Baby Blog

Rev. Run, Lady Justine and the rest of the Simmons clan have adopted a baby girl, Miley Justine Simmons.

The family adopted the now four month old baby girl in September. Baby Miley will make her acting debut next season on "Run's House."

Rev. Run and Justine have been married for 12 years. The Good Rev. has three children from his first marriage, Vanessa, 24, Angela, 20, and Joseph "JoJo," 18, and two sons with Justine, Daniel "Diggy," 12, and Russell "Russy," 10. Shouts out to the Simmons clan - gotta love them!

I'm so happy for the Simmons family. "Run's House" is one of my favorite shows and I'm glad that they finally have the baby girl they've been wanting. I felt TERRIBLE when I saw the episode where they lost Baby Victoria. I'm also glad that they've adopted an African-AMERICAN baby. OUR babies need love too!

Can't wait for next season!

When Keeping it Real Goes Wrong...

Sometimes, it's better to just leave well enough alone!

Exhibit A- Singer Norwood Young from Pieces of a Dream...


and After



A hot mess, if I may say so myself.

Thursday, December 13, 2007


So in keeping with the passing of Mr. Tina Turner, and being that his picture has been EVERYWHERE, I decided to use an image of him for my first "Tell Me You Don't See It!" "It" being the resemblance.

Mr. Tina Turner and...





Ole Marty Mar!

I am a die hard Martin fan, so I'm throwing no shade in his direction. This just reminds me of the "Martin" episode where they wanted to buy the haunted house on Halloween and Martin dressed up like Ike and Gina dressed up like Tina. LMAO, I miss that show - it was too much!

No Mo' Cake...

So Mr. Tina Turner (aka Ike) has passed on. According to Reuters, the rock pioneer died yesterday at his home in San Marcos, CA. The cause of death is still unknown. I don't really have anymore to say about this.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

"Keyshia Cole: The Way It Is" aka "The Keyshia Cole Show" Season Finale Run-Down

Photo used courtesy of Mediatakeout.com
As you all know, I am NOT a Keyshia Cole fan. To put it plainly, she can't sing, and her attitude is crazy, plus she always just sounds so stupid! However, I could not keep from watching the train wreck that is "The Way It Is" aka "The Keyshia Cole Show." I watched it all season, from when Frankie first got her teeth, to when she informed Keyshia's adoptive parents that she puts her teeth in when she wants to. I expected last night's episode to display another level of foolishness, and as usual, Keyshia and Frankie did NOT disappoint!

LOL, where do I begin? I know that therapist goes home and just buries his head in his hands because of the high levels of foolishness he encounters everytime they visit him.

Ok, Frankie is just too much! She was yelling at Neffe not to get an abortion (I agree, she shouldn't), but no way should she have used her parenting skills as justification for Neffe not to get the abortion. Frankie has seven kids - she raised NONE of them! She needs to be happy that God saw fit to send people to raise her children.

I felt sooo bad for Neffe when she had to make that phone call. Like seriously, I have no words for how she must have felt. I like Neffe though, and I hope that she's able to get herself established in Atlanta. She really loves and wants to take care of her girls, and I hope she's able to do so.

Now onto the reunion....who in the WORLD let Frankie drink? She shouldn't have any liquor, let alone enough to get drunk. I know Elite and Sammy were like "are you serious? This is the woman we're here to meet? The woman who abandoned us, and is now supposed to be clean?" Why was she ALL up in Elite's baby's face like that? I'm a grown woman, and she would have scared the mess out of me if she'd been all up in my face. Elite should have told her to fall back - that baby didn't know Frankie, plus why would you let someone who is CLEARLY intoxicated be all up in your child's face with her hot liquor breath? I was DONE when they were yelling in the restaurant and Keyshia's adoptive father was on the phone saying he was gonna go sit somewhere else. I would have been embarrassed too! AND WHY WAS KEYSHIA SO LATE? She should have known that there would be drama without her there.

Seriously though, Frankie needs to come to terms with the seriousness of her actions. She expects everyone to just welcome her with open arms - but she was NEVER there, and even now she's unapologetic. You can't just show up after 20 years and expect people to forget the past - especially when you are CLEARLY still getting drunk. You can't expect children that you ABANDONED to suddenly want a mother-child relationship with you when you were NEVER there! They are grown now, some of them with children of their own. Keyshia was wrong for pulling her wig off her head, but I'm sure that would have been hilarious to watch.

I can't WAIT for next season!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Another Career Bites The Dust!

Well, the hot mess that is Janice Dickinson does it again! Recently, she was speaking wtih the 'Today Show's' Al Roker about the media's obsession with stick-thin figures, and Al brought up recent photos of actress Jennifer Love Hewitt in a bikini. The photos sent media sources and other gossip blogs into a frenzy, calling the actress fat. The size 2 actress responded by saying that she loves her body - as she should. During Dickinson's conversation with Al Roker, she called Hewitt a "healthy, not emaciated woman." Janice then added "You want to see someone who’s fat? I’m sorry, Tyra. Tyra Banks is fat.” I'm no Tyra fan, but I know that she's the only one who was willing to help re-start Janice's career by asking her to be an ANTM judge. Before ANTM, I know I'd never heard of her or her cracked-out (sorry FORMERLY cracked-out), plastic, botoxed behind - and I'm quite sure I wasn't the only one. Oh well Janice, hang on to your memories and delusions of grandeur because that's all you have left!

Here's the video of the Roker/Dickinson interview.