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Thursday, December 27, 2007

The Simmons Family Welcomes Baby Miley

Photo used courtesy of Celebrity Baby Blog

Rev. Run, Lady Justine and the rest of the Simmons clan have adopted a baby girl, Miley Justine Simmons.

The family adopted the now four month old baby girl in September. Baby Miley will make her acting debut next season on "Run's House."

Rev. Run and Justine have been married for 12 years. The Good Rev. has three children from his first marriage, Vanessa, 24, Angela, 20, and Joseph "JoJo," 18, and two sons with Justine, Daniel "Diggy," 12, and Russell "Russy," 10. Shouts out to the Simmons clan - gotta love them!

I'm so happy for the Simmons family. "Run's House" is one of my favorite shows and I'm glad that they finally have the baby girl they've been wanting. I felt TERRIBLE when I saw the episode where they lost Baby Victoria. I'm also glad that they've adopted an African-AMERICAN baby. OUR babies need love too!

Can't wait for next season!

When Keeping it Real Goes Wrong...

Sometimes, it's better to just leave well enough alone!

Exhibit A- Singer Norwood Young from Pieces of a Dream...


and After



A hot mess, if I may say so myself.

Thursday, December 13, 2007


So in keeping with the passing of Mr. Tina Turner, and being that his picture has been EVERYWHERE, I decided to use an image of him for my first "Tell Me You Don't See It!" "It" being the resemblance.

Mr. Tina Turner and...





Ole Marty Mar!

I am a die hard Martin fan, so I'm throwing no shade in his direction. This just reminds me of the "Martin" episode where they wanted to buy the haunted house on Halloween and Martin dressed up like Ike and Gina dressed up like Tina. LMAO, I miss that show - it was too much!

No Mo' Cake...

So Mr. Tina Turner (aka Ike) has passed on. According to Reuters, the rock pioneer died yesterday at his home in San Marcos, CA. The cause of death is still unknown. I don't really have anymore to say about this.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

"Keyshia Cole: The Way It Is" aka "The Keyshia Cole Show" Season Finale Run-Down

Photo used courtesy of Mediatakeout.com
As you all know, I am NOT a Keyshia Cole fan. To put it plainly, she can't sing, and her attitude is crazy, plus she always just sounds so stupid! However, I could not keep from watching the train wreck that is "The Way It Is" aka "The Keyshia Cole Show." I watched it all season, from when Frankie first got her teeth, to when she informed Keyshia's adoptive parents that she puts her teeth in when she wants to. I expected last night's episode to display another level of foolishness, and as usual, Keyshia and Frankie did NOT disappoint!

LOL, where do I begin? I know that therapist goes home and just buries his head in his hands because of the high levels of foolishness he encounters everytime they visit him.

Ok, Frankie is just too much! She was yelling at Neffe not to get an abortion (I agree, she shouldn't), but no way should she have used her parenting skills as justification for Neffe not to get the abortion. Frankie has seven kids - she raised NONE of them! She needs to be happy that God saw fit to send people to raise her children.

I felt sooo bad for Neffe when she had to make that phone call. Like seriously, I have no words for how she must have felt. I like Neffe though, and I hope that she's able to get herself established in Atlanta. She really loves and wants to take care of her girls, and I hope she's able to do so.

Now onto the reunion....who in the WORLD let Frankie drink? She shouldn't have any liquor, let alone enough to get drunk. I know Elite and Sammy were like "are you serious? This is the woman we're here to meet? The woman who abandoned us, and is now supposed to be clean?" Why was she ALL up in Elite's baby's face like that? I'm a grown woman, and she would have scared the mess out of me if she'd been all up in my face. Elite should have told her to fall back - that baby didn't know Frankie, plus why would you let someone who is CLEARLY intoxicated be all up in your child's face with her hot liquor breath? I was DONE when they were yelling in the restaurant and Keyshia's adoptive father was on the phone saying he was gonna go sit somewhere else. I would have been embarrassed too! AND WHY WAS KEYSHIA SO LATE? She should have known that there would be drama without her there.

Seriously though, Frankie needs to come to terms with the seriousness of her actions. She expects everyone to just welcome her with open arms - but she was NEVER there, and even now she's unapologetic. You can't just show up after 20 years and expect people to forget the past - especially when you are CLEARLY still getting drunk. You can't expect children that you ABANDONED to suddenly want a mother-child relationship with you when you were NEVER there! They are grown now, some of them with children of their own. Keyshia was wrong for pulling her wig off her head, but I'm sure that would have been hilarious to watch.

I can't WAIT for next season!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Another Career Bites The Dust!

Well, the hot mess that is Janice Dickinson does it again! Recently, she was speaking wtih the 'Today Show's' Al Roker about the media's obsession with stick-thin figures, and Al brought up recent photos of actress Jennifer Love Hewitt in a bikini. The photos sent media sources and other gossip blogs into a frenzy, calling the actress fat. The size 2 actress responded by saying that she loves her body - as she should. During Dickinson's conversation with Al Roker, she called Hewitt a "healthy, not emaciated woman." Janice then added "You want to see someone who’s fat? I’m sorry, Tyra. Tyra Banks is fat.” I'm no Tyra fan, but I know that she's the only one who was willing to help re-start Janice's career by asking her to be an ANTM judge. Before ANTM, I know I'd never heard of her or her cracked-out (sorry FORMERLY cracked-out), plastic, botoxed behind - and I'm quite sure I wasn't the only one. Oh well Janice, hang on to your memories and delusions of grandeur because that's all you have left!

Here's the video of the Roker/Dickinson interview.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Papa Ursher

Tameka Foster (wife of the fabulous Usher Raymond) has given birth to a health baby boy. The new Mr. Raymond, who we're assuming is going to be named Usher V, came into the world on Monday evening. Word has it that mother and baby are doing well, and the family is expected to return home on Wednesday. I have to admit, I wasn't a fan of the whole Usher and Tameka thing in the very beginning, but if they like it I love it. Congrats to the proud parents!

Star Spangled Foolishness

Why do the powers that be INSIST on asking non-singing folk to perform the National Anthem? Like I said before, there ought to be a law against it! Check out non-singing Ashanti's performance from this week's Cowboys-Jets game.


Monday, November 26, 2007

Say It Ain't So...

Photo used courtesy of Matrixphotos.com

So apparently the sexiness that is Lonnie Rashid Lynn aka Common and Serena Williams were seen together in London over the weekend. She's rumored to be dating actor Jackie Long (ATL, Idlewild) and Mr. Lynn is rumored to be dating actress Kerry Williams. I'm hoping that ReeRee's stockings are not a sign that some foolishness went on between the two of them. If something touchy-feely is going on between Common and ReeRee, it's definitely not a good look on his part. Boo Common, just boo.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Ok, as a B.A.P. I am able to appreciate the finer things in life - even if I'm not always (or often) able to afford them. Just because you have money to spend, doesn't mean that you have to spend it on FOOLISHNESS! I was wishfully browsing on the Gucci website, and I came across these...


First off, these "designer"ice trays cost $100 for two. Um, you can get two "regular" ice trays for are like $10 at Wal-Mart!

Secondly, the majority of freezers have ice makers, so how many people really use ice trays anymore?

COME ON! There are starving people all around the world, and they have the NERVE to charge $100 for ice trays! That money could be put toward a cart of groceries for a hungry family during the holiday season.

Boo Gucci, just boo! And boo on the idiots who purchase the ice trays!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


**So I just saw that the AP had to retract their story because Paris didn't actually say the statement about the elephants getting drunk. Doesn't it sound like something she would say though? Money sure can't buy brains...**
Photograph used courtesy of the Associated Press

Ok, so apparently, Paris Hilton is lending her famous last name and fortune to helping what she deems a "worthy" cause in India - saving drunken elephants.

"The elephants get drunk all the time. It is becoming really dangerous. We need to stop making alcohol available to them," the 26-year-old socialite said in a report posted on World Entertainment News Network's Web site. Her comments were picked up by other Web sites and newspapers around the globe. (Taken from the Associated Press story)

Apparently, the elephants get drunk on homemade rice beer, then go on destructive rampages.

Don't get me wrong, I'm an animal lover, I have a dog, but don't you think this chick can find a more worthy cause to support? Like maybe saving starving children, or helping to prevent young Hollywood starlets and other socialites from going on drunken rampages? Maybe it's just me...

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Throwback Video(s) of the Week

Ok so, I know I've been gone for a while - things have been busy. But I'm back today with the Throwback Video of the Week. This week I'm gonna post a couple of my favorite Jay-Z videos from back in the day - ENJOY!



Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Having YOUR Cake and Eating it Too...

A friend of mine sent me these pics this morning, and I just HAD to share. What a HOT MESS!

I'm sure the cake desiger would be perfect for designing cakes for birthday parties, baby and bridal showers, etc., but this wedding cake is just WEIRD! I blame the bride and groom though - they're the ones who commissioned this monstrosity of a cake. The cake designer was just doing her job.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Hi Mr. O'Reilly. Hope All is Well, Kiss the Plaintiff and the Wifey...

I'm sure you've heard about this, but I had to send it anyway. Bill O'Reilly is indeed a racist, one who thinks that he can say whatever he wants, about whomever he wants. On his show last night, he defended his comments, saying that he was trying to say something good about blacks - pretty much that he didn't see a difference between our restaurants and theirs. Why did you need to say anything at all?!? If you like the restaurant, just say that! Why does it ALWAYS have to be a race issue?

I can't help but look back at the case with him and Ludacris a few years back. Ludacris was going to be a spokesman for Pepsi, and O'Reilly made big stink about it because he called Ludacris' lyrics misogynistic. While I agree that some of Luda's lyrics are demeaning to women, I'm assuming that one of the reasons Pepsi chose him to be a spokesman is because of his charity work. Its amazing to me that O'Reilly, the same one who wanted to bash Ludacris, was taken to court for sexually harassing one of his co-workers. Well ain't THAT the pot calling the kettle black? Now here he is again in the news, sticking his foot all the way in his mouth, and refusing to apologize. Mychal Bell, Megan Williams…this foolishness has GOT to stop!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Throwback Video of the Week

This week's video is "Come and Talk to Me" by Jodeci. Not much needs to be said about this song except for...I LOVED IT! I thought Devante was SO fine! They all look a hot mess now, but we can still look back at Jodeci with fond memories!


Saturday, September 8, 2007

THIS is how it should be done....

Why do they insist on letting people who can't sing perform the National Anthem? Her pitch was all over the place! There should be some sort of patriotic law against it.

This is how our National Anthem should sound.

Or even like this...

But never, EVER like this!

Or this, but at least her rendition was supposed to be funny.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Throwback Video of the Week

On My Own, by Patti Labelle and Michael McDonald. I have loved this song forever, just because it reminds me of my Grandma's house. Lol, don't ask me why, but everytime I hear it I think of summers spent visiting down south. I wasn't even a Patti fan back then (hard to believe it, since I absolutely LOVE her now), but I just liked the song. Don't even get me started on Michael McDonald! That Doobie Brother can SING! I believe in giving credit where its due - and he gets it. Lol, close your eyes and tell me he don't sound like a brotha! EXACTLY!


Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Can I Have It?

Seriously, I CANNOT get enough of these clips! Nicole Randall Johnson, the sista (yes I did say SISTA) who plays this character is great because she so accurately captures all of those annoying lines in one conversation. My friend Shatani put it best "no man could play that character" because none of the guys who act like "Darrel" actually realize just how ANNOYING they are! These clips are "ridiculous"! Enjoy!

Saturday, September 1, 2007

NJ B.A.P.'s Product Spotlight - Miss Jessie's

Being a natural-tressed girl myself, I am always looking for new hair products. Miss Jessie's products were created by sisters Titi and Miko Branch. These sisters of mixed Japanese and African-American descent got the idea and formula for their hair prodcuts from their grandmother, Miss Jessie, who seemed to be the only person able to manage their thick, neither straight nor kinky hair.

**** Love this product and would recommend it to anyone.
*** This product works pretty well, and I like it, but it doesn't do everything I need it to do.
** An ok product, but I've used better
* This product is terrible, and I still have most of it sitting in a drawer somewhere.

Curly Meringue: This medium hold styling cream helps define natural curls. It has the smell and consistency of lemon custard, and can be used everyday. This is one of my favorite products. The only downside? It costs $38 for a 16 oz. jar, but they do now sell smaller sizes ($22 for an 8 oz. jar and $7 for a 2 oz. jar). Trust me, a little goes a long way. ****

- Curly Pudding: This soft hold styling cream helps define and elongate curls. It really is the consistency of pudding, which is where it gets its name, and it kinda smells like grape candy - which can be a good or bad thing, but for me it got kinda annoying. I like this product, but it contains aloe (to which I am allergic) so I don't really use it anymore. It also costs $38 for a 16 oz. jar, $22 for an 8 oz. and $7 for a 2 oz., but like the Curly Meringue, a little goes a long way. ***

- Baby Buttercreme: This moisturizer is great for hydrating dry hair. It softens the hair without weighing it down and making it too greasy. It has the smell and consisency of vanilla icing (are we sensing a pattern here?) and ,like the other products, a little goes a long way. It's great for twists, puffs and other natural styles. Keep in mind though that it contains water, so its not necessarily the best for natural hair that has been straightened. It costs $58 for 16 oz. (ouch, I know), $32 for 8 oz. and $9 for 2 oz. ***

- Curly Butterecreme: This product pretty much does the same thing as the Baby Buttercreme, but it has a strong peppermint smell. It's a little thicker than the Baby Buttercreme, and it is priced the same. The peppermint smell was a bit much for me, so I'll stick to the Baby Buttercreme. **

Visit Miss Jessie's website - www.MissJessies.com

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Throwback Video of the Week

This week's Throwack Video is New Edition's "Can You Stand the Rain?". I LOVE, LOVE LOVE THIS SONG! To be perfectly honest, I don't remember much about New Edition, as I was younger when they were popular, and not paying much attention to secular music (to be perfectly honest, I wasn't really allowed to listen to it) but I discovered this song when I was a little older, and I've loved it ever since. Oh, and I've always loved Johnny Gill's voice...do yall remember when he was on that episode of "Family Matters" when he sang "My, My,My" to Laura? Lol, remember how she was squirming all over the couch? Well I was FEELING her on that! Now? Not so much, but back then...oh yeah!


Monday, August 27, 2007

If This is What an 'Old School G' Looks Like, I Hope I Never Meet One...

So I was watching "Cheaters" the other night and this episode came on. The man, the self-proclaimed "Old School G" was pretty much a hot mess! How he pulled one woman, let alone two is beyond me! PLUS, from his interaction with his girlfriend of 15 years (yes, I did say GIRLFRIEND OF 15 YEARS!) it looks to me like there could be some domestic violence going on...just some thoughts, right or wrong, just what I observed at the time. Sistas, we must never feel so low that we allow a man - any man - to put us through this kind of foolishness. An old adage comes to mind - "I can do bad all by myself," and that's REAL! You know the WORST part about the "Cheaters" situation? Sis stayed with him - after all of that she stayed with him! If he acted a fool in front of the cameras, imagine how he acts at home. SMH, we should add her on the list of people we need to pray for - her and the other millions of women who are in similar situations.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Throwback Video of the Week

Monica's "For You I Will." I used to LOVE this song! Listening to it now, I still do. Am I the only one who misses young,too-grown Monica? I don't know what's going on now, but I'd love to see her really make a come-back!

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Throwback Video of the Week

This week's throwback video comes from Mokenstef. I'm sure I'm not the only one who LOVED this song. Looking back now, I realize how silly the lyrics are, but hey, when you're in Middle School do you really know any better?


Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Throwback Video of the Week

"Tell Me" by Groove Theory. I don't know about ya'll, but I LOVED me some Bryce Wilson! Truth be told, he's still just as fine now as he was back then!

People We Need to Pray For - Seriously

1. Lindsay Lohan - this girl is out of control! First a few stints in rehab, then the pics of her and Vanessa Minnillo with knives, and now last weekend's arrest, where she was caught driving under the influence and with a suspended license, and cocaine was found in the car as well. She's come a long way from the cute little girl in "The Parent Trap."

2. Bobby Brown - there are just too many reasons to list!

3. Diddy - once Kim Porter gets done collecting her child support for the 3 youngest Diddies, and once Misa gets done collecting hers for Diddy Jr., what's his bank statement gonna look like?

4. Ray-J - he just needs to get a clue! He's a cute guy, but his thug-persona is not. I mean come on, HE'S BRANDY'S LITTLE BROTHER!! That is SO not gangsta!

Please bow your heads...

Friday, July 20, 2007

My First Rants and Raves (July 2007)

- Is he serious? Also, why do people INSIST on letting Mario Winans sing? Don't let the famous last name fool you - his singing sounds like that of a wounded animal.

- I am so sick and tired of Star Jones! I wish she and her hubby would just fade into the background. She's supposed to finally reveal how she lost her weight *cough cough gastric bypass cough cough** in the September issue of Glamour. I'll be reading to see what she says.

- This one is for all of the ladies who read this - PLEASE, I repeat, PLEASE refrain from getting "toe tips" this summer. Why anyone would want to put glue and acrylic on their big toe just to make the nail look longer is beyond me! You can't wear regular shoes with that mess, plus remember how badly it used to hurt when you would hit your finger and it had a tip or acrylic on it? Who wants their feet to hurt like that? Just wear closed toe shoes until your nails grow out!

- BET is a hot mess! They've created a few new shows and they are all (with the exception of one) not worth the time it takes to change the channel. Having said that, "Hell Date" is actually quite amusing. The show is like "Blind Date" meets MTV's "Boiling Points." Check it out. You'll shake your head the entire time, but you'll get some good laughs.

- I know I'm not the only one who's sad about this. R.I.P. Miss Jessie's They're still selling the products though, just closing the salon.

- And to wrap it up, I just want to leave a little eye candy for the ladies.

Thanks to MSNBC for the pic!