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Monday, August 27, 2007

If This is What an 'Old School G' Looks Like, I Hope I Never Meet One...

So I was watching "Cheaters" the other night and this episode came on. The man, the self-proclaimed "Old School G" was pretty much a hot mess! How he pulled one woman, let alone two is beyond me! PLUS, from his interaction with his girlfriend of 15 years (yes, I did say GIRLFRIEND OF 15 YEARS!) it looks to me like there could be some domestic violence going on...just some thoughts, right or wrong, just what I observed at the time. Sistas, we must never feel so low that we allow a man - any man - to put us through this kind of foolishness. An old adage comes to mind - "I can do bad all by myself," and that's REAL! You know the WORST part about the "Cheaters" situation? Sis stayed with him - after all of that she stayed with him! If he acted a fool in front of the cameras, imagine how he acts at home. SMH, we should add her on the list of people we need to pray for - her and the other millions of women who are in similar situations.


Angel said...

That was a MESS! He does abuse women. I think he acts that way because they let him. They need to band together and whip his ass.....excuse the language, but he should not treat ANYONE that way.

Sage said...

I couldn't help but laugh when he said: you're fired! However, I know that domestic violence is a serious matter.

I know two people that have been in abusive relationships. I used to ask myself, "why do they stay?" After speaking with them and doing my own research I discovered some of the reasons for staying:

SURVIVAL: Fear about her own and her children’s safety if she leaves.

ECONOMIC DEPENDENCE: Can she survive on one income?

FEAR: Of being alone, fear that she cannot cope with home and children by herself.

PARENTING: Wanting a father for the children.

RELIGION: Pressure to keep the family together.

FAMILY: Extended family pressure to keep the family together.

LOYALTY: If he had cancer, she’d stick by him.

RESCUE: If she stays, she can “save” him and help him “get better.”

FEAR OF HIS SUICIDE: He says he’ll kill himself if she leaves.

DENIAL: “It’s really not so bad.”

LOVE: She loves him, and he is quite often loving and lovable when he’s not being abusive.

IDENTITY: Many women feel that they need a man in order to be complete.


HUMILIATION: She doesn’t want anyone to know.

LOW SELF-ESTEEM: After years of being criticized by her abuser, she believes that it must be her fault, she must deserve it, she’ll never find anyone better, “a little love is better than no love at all.”

SEX ROLE: “That’s just the way men are.”

Regardless of the reasons, I hope that more women will find the courage to leave their abusers. Likewise, I hope that the batters will realize that they don't have the right to abuse anyone. Both the batterers and the victims should seek help. There are a lot of organizations out there that they can turn to.

Diane said...

Interesting to know.