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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Throwback Video of the Week

This week's Throwack Video is New Edition's "Can You Stand the Rain?". I LOVE, LOVE LOVE THIS SONG! To be perfectly honest, I don't remember much about New Edition, as I was younger when they were popular, and not paying much attention to secular music (to be perfectly honest, I wasn't really allowed to listen to it) but I discovered this song when I was a little older, and I've loved it ever since. Oh, and I've always loved Johnny Gill's voice...do yall remember when he was on that episode of "Family Matters" when he sang "My, My,My" to Laura? Lol, remember how she was squirming all over the couch? Well I was FEELING her on that! Now? Not so much, but back then...oh yeah!



Angel said...

You know I got this on my iPod!! Love it!!!!

Sage said...


I really like your blog. I like how you range from light topics (e.g., Johnny Gill songs from "back-in-the-day") to more serious topics like domestic violence.

Looking forward to reading more of the musing of a New Jersey BAP (smile).

Take care and I'm glad we're back in touch!