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Sunday, October 5, 2008

No Ma'am: The Sequel

Sarah Palin is about as unqualified as it gets. Seriously, I don't see how she was even able to become the governor of Alaska, let alone a nominee for the Vice Presidency. She can't answer basic questions, shoot, she doesn't even read the newspaper!

Those "die hard" Hillary supporters SHOULD be offended that McCain and his camp think they are so weak that they'll vote for anybody in a skirt. I know I would be.

This choice will either work out very well, or very badly for John McCain. Personally, I think choosing Palin was a dumb move on his part. In theory, she was a perfect choice - she's a woman, she's a working mother, she's a Christian (supposedly) so she'll appeal to conservatives, and she has a level of political experience. In reality though, she's stupid! I have got to believe that this woman has been being briefed on what to say to the media since before she accepted the nomination, yet and still each and every time we see her, she sticks her foot in her mouth. You CANNOT tell an interviewer that you'll get back to them when they ask you a question! When somebody asks you which newspaper(s) you read to stay informed and you can't name ONE, there's a problem! The people of Alaska should be ashamed that she's their governor! In politics you have to be swift, and able to think on your feet. This woman has advisors briefing her on various topics DAILY and she still can't answer basic questions.

Let's face it, John McCain is 72 years old. That means that, if elected, Sarah Palin is a heartbeat away from the presidency. I repeat, SHE DOESN'T EVEN READ THE NEWSPAPER!

I'm scared for our country if she does become the president - you should be too.

This is a pic that I stole from a fellow blogger (hey Brub!). It's a flow chart that pretty much outlines the strategy Gov. Palin followed during the first (and only) VP candidate debate of this election season. How you can show up for a debate, and not answer ANY of the questions posed to you is beyond me. She should have just delivered a speech. I will admit, she did a better job than I thought she would, but just because you suck a little less, that doesn't mean you don't still suck.



esk said...

Well said. I hope Obama stays ahead in the polls...especially come November. Obama! Obama!

JerseyTjej said...

I thought I was the only one that felt this way. Even now, post election defeat, she is coming across as not only not informed, but glib, flip and cavalier in an awful peplum suit