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Friday, March 20, 2009

Guess Who's Coming to Scranton?

I *heart* NBC and its writers! Seriously, they found a way to make an already perfect show even more perfect. Enter Idris Elba! *swoon* Elba made his The Office debut last night as Charles Minor, the new Jan/Ryan. He came to Dunder Mifflin, ready to work, but it seems like his character sees himself as the only one who really takes company time seriously.

Of course he would show up on the one day that Jim (John Krasinski) takes his torment of Dwight (Rainn Wilson)one step higher by actually donning a tuxedo and bowtie for work. I'm hoping that Elba's character won't turn out to be another "angry black man" - we all love Stanley (Leslie David Baker), but one angry brotha is enough! I am very interested to see how Elba's character will progress on the show, especially considering his character's struggles with Jim and Michael (Steve Carell).

Ooh, how could I forget?? The hands-down, funniest moment of last night's show was Kelly (Mindy Kaling) discussing the struggles that her children with Minor (wishful thinking at its best!) would have being the children of a Black-Indian couple, literally knocking down the camera guy in her attempt to find Minor before he left so he could ask her out. Just as funny was Angela's (Angela Kinsey) progression as one who finds Minor "not unattractive" to one who seems to fancy him (she stole his scarf).

Hooray for Idris and The Office!

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