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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Rants and Raves - September 2009

1. Why is it that I always spend more at M.A.C. than I intend to?

2. Is it just me, or are the flight attendants on U.S. Airways flights becoming increasingly rude? Don't blame me because you hate your job!

3. Please do NOT go through unethical means to get somebody's phone number! Guys (or girls), just because have access to a lady's (or guy's) phone number because you work together, are in the same organization, etc., it doesn't give you permission to use it without their consent. Trust if he or she wanted you to have it, they'd have given it to you!

4. I just can't watch "Jon & Kate Plus 8" anymore. It's not the same :-(

5. People who constantly complain about Tyler Perry and his movies need to take a seat! If you want to make "better" movies, do so! This make makes movies that are aimed at the Black community, period. Some of the characters can be a bit much at times, but they're nothing if they aren't realistic! Even the most bougie people out there have/had at least one family member who acts/acted like Madea. Get over it! I don't see you selling out any box offices...

6. Why do people volunteer lies? If I've never asked you for anything, why would you lie to me about what you plan to do? OFF!

7. Tyra Banks just needs to stop. She tries so hard to remain relevant...it's not working! I stopped watching ANTM like two years ago.

8. I miss "Girlfriends." I was watching a rerun on BET the other night, and got a little sad. Same with "The Game."

9. Nail salons in the hood do great designs! Suburban salons do great French manis/pedis, but if you want a fab design, you have to go to the city.

10. Yelp.com gives GREAT restaurant reviews. Real reviews, by real people (including yours truly!) - check it out!


Angel said...

Yay!! Glad R&R is back!!!

#4 - I def feel you on this one!! I tried and I didn't even make it thru the entire segment...but I can still watch older episodes.

#5 - I complain about TP movies...not because of the audience he's trying to attract, but that ALL of his movies are the same. If I could make a movie, I would! Shoot, maybe I'll start writing one...

#7 - I used to love Tyra....can't take her now. ANTM was my ish, now I can't watch that either.

#8 - Miss them both too...I watch my old Girlfriends DVDs....waiting to finish my collection over the next few months

esk said...

You're so funny, girlie!

#6 - people will lie about anything. I just don't understand it.

#7 - love Tyra. lol

#8 - I heard BET is supposed to produce new episodes of The Game. Love Mel and Derwin!