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Monday, February 25, 2008

Rants and Raves - Oscars 2008

So I rushed home last night to watch the Oscars' Red Carpet, and for the most part, I was disappointed. There were a few dresses that I loved (and I'll stress a FEW), but for the most part, people looked dry and boring.

- To me, this year's best dressed starlets were:

Marion Cotillard


Heidi Klum

Normally I think playing it safe is better, but I love the risk that Marion took - it really worked for her. And Heidi's gown is classic and timeless. I love them both.

Jennifer Garner looked pretty, although I wasn't feeling that one big ruffle down at the bottom.

And I would have liked Cameron Diaz's dress in another color, but the pale pink worked for her.

Looking at the back now though, it looks a bit homemade.

- Access Hollywood's Shaun Robinson looked pretty fab too. Although, I'm sick of seeing her in those full wigs.

- Will someone PLEASE explain to me the rage with Renee Zellweger? She always looks a dry hot mess! Last night was no exception! Her gown was ok, but it looked like something the Dreams should have worn during that finale scene ("And it's hard to say goodbye my love, hard to see you cry my loooove...").

- As much as I love KLS, she needs to sit down. I love her show, I think her kids are adorable and she cracks me up - HOWEVER, just b/c you were once a model and you now have your own clothing line does NOT a stylish person make! Let's be real, what woman over age 18 is checking for ANYTHING made by Baby Phat?

- Ms. Ruby Dee should have won - she's been acting forever, and for her to never have won an Oscar is simply unfair. In fact, what was even more unfair is the fact that she was the only black person even NOMINATED for an Oscar this year. Racist much?

- This was just awkward. Looks like somebody else may need to head to rehab... The way Ryan Seacrest played it off though had me cracking up!

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