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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Yes We Can!

The First Family

If you don't already know, today is Super Tuesday, meaning that 24 states have their primary elections today. New Jersey, my home state is included in this number, so I will most definitely be heading to vote this evening after work. It really annoys me when people (young black men and women, more often that not) rant and rave about how their votes don't count, and use that as an excuse for not voting. Um, people fought, bled and DIED so that you would have that right, and for you to just throw it away is definitely an insult to their legacies, and to those of us who appreciate their sacrifices. Don't use "the system" and "the man" as an excuse for your laziness. Think about it, when have we as a people actually had a candidate who stands a REAL chance at becoming president? Don't get me wrong, other brothers and sisters have run in the past, but none have come this close. Today is the day to make our voices heard, and to let our presence be known. I feel sorry for anyone who can't see and appreciate that. With that said....GO OBAMA!

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Angel said...

I'll vote next week, but I will def exercise my right!!