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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Parkin' Lot Pimpin '08

Ok, I know the economy is pretty bad, and gas is like $40 a gallon but there is no, I repeat NO reason for this foolishness! Note to all couples - if you can't afford a nice ceremony, take your tails to the nearest courthouse, politician's office, Grandmama's living room, etc. and just have a small civil ceremony. What makes this so bad is the fact that, while the attire isn't runway chic, in the whole scheme of things, the wedding party doesn't look bad. I'm almost certain that they paid a visit to David to get these gowns, but they could be (trust me, I've seen) a lot worse! AND, what makes this really bad is the fact that this is happening in the great state of New Jersey! Somebody get Corzine on the line - we need a resolution (literally)! This level of foolishness is inexcusable, and today I CAN'T!


not quite the swan said...

Swing low, sweet chariot. We do it to ourselves...with no KY.

Miss Buppie Buppie said...

smh this is just a hot ghetto mess. I don't know whether to laugh or cry! We got to do better black ppl! lol


Shy said...

uhhh...you've got to be kidding me! And I agree that the wedding party doesn't look bad at all (attire wise). WTH were they thinking? Aww man...:-( Those bride's maid dresses are kinda cute, considering I want green to be one of my own colors.

So, is this a neighborhood parking lot or what?!

NJ B.A.P. said...

I'm guessing this is a neighborhood parking lot, although when I got the e-mail, I forwarded it to my friend because it looks like her church's parking lot. The bodega across the street puts the icing on the cake!

esk said...

Are you serious?!