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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Desperation and Lies Will Get You Nowhere, Hillary

I am overjoyed right now! Seriously, as I've said before, I always kind of thought that I'd see a black president during my lifetime, but never did I think it would be now. As a political staffer, I understand how nasty politics can get, especially during an election year, but the actions of Hillary Clinton have ranged from desperate and petty, to downright untruthful. It's refreshing that the American people were able to see through her delusions, and attitude of entitlement, and make the right choice. And I mean, I understand that she expected to clinch the Democratic nomination. She was a good first lady and she's a tough cookie, and for that I applaud her. But I think it goes deeper than that. I think she took one look at Barack Obama, and her true roots showed. She convinced herself that she was the best candidate. Well honey, today (and really, throughout this entire primary process) the voters showed otherwise. Make sure you all show up in November - YES WE CAN!

I also have a few choice words for the shady black politicians who opted to suck up to the Clintons and ride this out till the end. It was disgusting to hear these men and women go on and on about how Hillary was the best candidate. Why? Nobody could give a good reason. They were all so quick to point out that they wouldn't vote for Obama, simply because he's black. Why not? I guarantee if qualified Chinese-American candidate had been in the race, the Chinese community would have rallied around him or her. Why? Because that's what you're SUPPOSED to do! There's nothing wrong with wanting to support one of your own - as long as he or she is qualified. Indian-Americans would have supported a qualified Indian candidate, as would Korean-Americans and a number of other groups. This kind of self-hatred, that was demonstrated by a number of the black politicians (on all levels) who opted to support Hillary over Obama, is precisely what continues prevent us as a people from ever truly claiming the America we deserve. Y’all had better get over your jealous attitudes, and do it quickly! We have to empower OURSELVES!

So Honey, YES WE CAN! We can, we did, and we will CONTINUE to do so! It's way past time that the residents of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., NW, were brown. So, here's to the Obama’s, for making sure that "chocolate" is in charge in Chocolate City, and around the United States!

So I'm watching what should be Hillary's concession speech, and she STILL doesn’t know how to let go! She doesn't have to make a decision tonight - America has made it for her!

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