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Friday, June 18, 2010

Happy Father's Day, J.N.!

As Father's Day approaches, it's only appropriate that I dedicate a post to my Dad, J.N. He's truly the greatest!

I guess I'm what you would call a "Daddy's Girl." I'm the middle child of three, and the only girl. My Dad and I have always been close - in fact I still let him call me by the pet names he's called me for 28 years. And before you ask, no, I'm not telling! If you know me, or if you know him, you already know! ;-)

My Dad is seriously one of the kindest and gentlest men I've ever met. After serving Jesus, his family has ALWAYS been his top priority. He and my mom will celebrate 31 years of marriage in a few weeks, and their relationship stands as a testament that marriage, and BLACK marriage really can work. Dad has set an example for my brothers to follow as husbands (one is married, one is dating), and he's also taught me (through both word and deed) what to expect from the guys I choose to date.

I know Chris Rock says that you aren't supposed to celebrate people for doing things they are supposed to do. I get that. However, in a time when so many men are opting not to take care of (support/nurture/get to know) their kids, the men who do should absolutely get their kudos. Not only is my Dad a great father, he's also a wonderful son. As I type this, he's on the phone with my Grandma who lives 1,100 miles away, conducting their weekly Bible study.

So yeah, I just wanted to let it be known that I really do have the best father in the world! Happy Father's Day, J.N.!


daMonstah said...

Charming blog. I'm the Father of two girls...the older one (shhhhh...I call her "Booooker[pronounced Boo-ker] because when she was a baby...she ALWAYS had a "load" in her diaper. ALWAYS. Lawrd. She's a Daddy's girl to no end. But I digress, her name is Leslie. She has a daughter named Dreux[pronounced Drew] and she's a handful. My youngest daughter is named Courtney. Student at Howard U ...and the ANTHESIS of a Daddy's girl. LOL!!
Anyway...I can relate. Thank you for the Father's Day wishes on behalf of Fathers everywhere sweetie.

NJ B.A.P. said...

@DM - I just believe in giving credit where it's due. I have a great Dad, and I just wanted him (and other dads like him) to know how much he's appreciated. :-)