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Monday, August 30, 2010

NJ BAP's 2010 Emmys Best Dressed List

I've always found it interesting to hear who "fashion industry experts" deem the best and worst dressed at awards shows. Sometimes I agree, but I often don't. Fashion and style are largely personal, which in reality, doesn't give anyone the right to truly judge who looked best and who looked the worst. So these are MY observations of who looked the best, based on what I saw. Some of you will agree, some of you won't - and that's perfectly fine. Like what you like, when you like...because I know I sure do!

*All photos have been lovingly borrowed from Jezebel.com's "Emmys Fashion Roundup: Good, Bad, And Ugly" - http://jezebel.com/5625304/emmys-fashion-roundup-good-bad-and-ugly/gallery/ *

Claire Danes

Ok, I thought Claire Danes looked gorgeous! That DRESS! What can I say? I'm a girly girl, and I love sparkly things. The dress was simple, yet elegant, and it worked well with her shape. She kept the accessories to a minimum, and I think she could have worn a simple diamond bracelet, but because the dress was so sparkly, she gets a pass.

Jenna Fischer

I also liked Jenna Fischer's gown. I'll be honest, I didn't love the hardware at the bust or around the waist, but the color, fabric and general flow of the gown are gorgeous! As a die hard The Office fan, it's always refreshing to see her in something other than business suits, cardigans and dress shirts. I think this is a good look for "Pam." "Kelly Kapoor" would be proud!

Jayma Mays

I really liked Jayma Mays' gown. It was simple, classic, and just very pretty. A lot of ladies opted to wear navy gowns last night, and that makes a lot of sense, because I've always said that navy is just like black, but with more style and personality. It's the perfect color to wear when you want to look regal, but not stuffy. I don't really care for her accessories, but she looked really pretty. AND it doesn't hurt that she's a character from two shows I love...Ugly Betty (R.I.P) and Glee! Color me happy!

Carrie Preston

Ok, I loved Carrie Preston's look! The gown is abstract and pretty, but the contrast between the turquoise and terra cotta in her gown and her hair is AMAZING! The style of the dress is extremely flattering, but honey that COLOR CONTRAST is great! If I'd been on that red carpet, my eyes would have directly gone to her because the whole look is just eye catching. Good job, Carrie! Or Carrie's stylist, or whoever dressed her. She looked great!

Christina Hendricks

I think I really liked Christina Hendricks' gown, but I'm not quite sure. The color is GORGEOUS! I like certain aspects of the dress - the cut, the pleats, the sleeves are all great! I'm not sure how I feel about the fringe...I think it's ok. What I don't care for, however, is the design on the bodice. I think it makes the dress look unnecessarily mature. Maybe if designer Zac Posen had alternated the panels between the lighter fabric at the hips, and the darker color of the rest of the gown it would have worked better for me. That might be too much with the fringe, but in that case, the fringe could have gone out the window. All in all, Christina looked very pretty and I think the gown was a fantastic pick for the Emmys!

Kristen Wiig
I liked Kristen Wigg's dress. I think it was fun, and different. What I didn't like, however, was the fit. It looks like she's wearing her older sister's dress, which stinks, because Kristen is a REALLY funny lady.

Heidi Klum

My last mention is none other that Ms. Heidi Klum. Her LBD was ok, but that's not why I'm mentioning her. She WORE that dress! Now I understand that she's a model, but she and hubby Seal also have like 12 kids (I enjoy the art of exaggeration), and she STILL looks phenomenal. Get em, Heidi!


Sunny said...

can you tell me why claire danes looks 45 and not 31. what happened

NJ B.A.P. said...

Aww, I don't think she looks THAT old. When I first saw her, I didn't recognize her, but I figured that was just because I hadn't seen her in anything in a while. I do love that gown, though!