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Friday, November 19, 2010

I Just Want To Be Impressed...

I know, I know - it's been a while. I don't know what to tell you. I'm in grad school now, and I have more work than I'd ever dreamed I'd have, so everything else is on the back burner. As I near the end of the quarter, I'm busier than ever, but after talking to a friend in class who's suggested I start a blog, I decided I needed to get this thing back in gear. Thanks for reading... I've missed y'all.

Ok, so here's the thing. When do I get to be impressed? I'm tired of meeting people (guys) who think I'm supposed to be impressed just because they do basic things. When I say basic things, I mean, they simply have a job and aren't in jail. Or don't have kids, or if they do, take care of those kids. Whoopee...same here!

Why do some people think that they deserve a pat on the back for doing things they're supposed to do anyway? I'm not gonna pat you on the back because you pay your bills and taxes...that's what you're supposed to do! I don't understand why people think we're (women) supposed to swoon because you're a "good guy" and because you have a "good job." Forget the job, bruh, let's talk CAREER.

And while I'm ecstatic that you've managed to stay out of jail, what else are you contributing to society? Do you volunteer? Do you coach Pop Warner football or kids' soccer? Are you active within your church community? Do you give back to your community in any way? What's the last book you read (not magazine, BOOK)? Do you have any hobbies? Or do you just sit at home, and think that because you are who you are (who exactly are you, by the way), women are supposed to swoon.

I don't know, somewhere along the line, I (and most of the women I call friends) were taught to want more out of life. Mediocre just isn't good enough...never has been, never will be. I'm not angry, I'm just saying...want more, do better, and TRY! That means a lot. And yes, those traits actually do impress women. Not everyone needs a dude who makes seven figures a year, but please trust and believe that being well-rounded never hurt anybody. Expand your horizons (learn a different language), and tastes (try a different type of food), and interests...that’ll get you a long way. *insert the “The More You Know” jingle here*

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Sunny said...

Women do the samething. I'm tired of hearing, I go to school, work and take care of my family. Okay, as you should. But men and women alike think they are doing something different because the huddled masses arent. Well that is why I dont deal with the huddled masses and if you feel the need to get a pat on your back for doing what you are supposed to, then you have lost and life and go get yourself a chickenhead or scrub. They will appreciate your "abnormal" life skills which for me are just NORMAL.