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Friday, September 5, 2008

Throwing Shade - It Ain't Nothin' But A GOParty!

So a friend of mine posted this on Facebook, and because it discusses Palin and her qualifications (well, really the lack thereof) I decided to watch it. Much to my surprise *insert sarcasm here*, the video features a bunch of double talking, opinion changing, finger pointing Republican political "personalities," saying that people should back off of the issues of sexism, teenage pregnancy and inexperience that have surrounded Palin since she was first introduced to the majority of America (and probably John McCain) last Friday.

And surprise, surprise - it features my old buddy *continue inserting sarcasm* Bill O'Reilly. Pay special attention to how his views on teenage pregnancy, and who holds responsibility change. I'm gonna have to assume that in the cases of Jamie Lynn Spears and Bristol Palin, their pregnancies were not intentional. Having said that, I bet Bill O'Reilly's decision to sexually harass his co-worker was...hmmmmmm.

I just want to say that the double standard that has been demonstrated by members of the GOP on the issue of Palin's daughter's pregnancy doesn't surprise me at all. Let President Obama (yes, I'm claiming it) have had an older daughter who became pregnant - the GOP would have been ALL OVER it, going on and on about how he can't possibly take care of the country if he can't take care of his own household and family.

*Rev. Charles Emory lunges* OBAMA/BIDEN '08!

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